Jasmin Badd began her entrepreneurial journey in the hair industry. She discovered her passion for hair at a very young age and dreamed of opening her own salon since the age of 13. After obtaining her cosmetology license in 2009, she found her dream come true opening her first salon “ The J  Spot” at the age of 21. In December of 2017 after spending years making her name and brand a staple in the beauty industry, she decided to close The J Spot and relaunch as Salon Slay.

After opening Salon Slay, Jasmin discovered her love for the business and marketing side of the beauty industry. In February 2020, she gave her first seminar, "The Secrets to Salon Success." The seminar was a success and lead to the launching of Jasmin's community for female entrepreneurs, Baddies With Bands . Baddies with Bands is dedicated to coaching and networking with all female entrepreneurs.

Jasmin Badd is also an author.She discovered her passion for writing in April 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jasmin self-published her first book, 30 Years of Love In 30 Days and has sold over 300+ copies all over the U.S.

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