30 Years of Love In 30 Days


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Do you believe in love at first sight? This is a true love story about two Baltimore West Baltimore natives that experienced a fairytale love in 30 days. Who would’ve thought it was possible to fall so quickly.

  After coming out of a toxic relationship that left Jasmin broken and severely depressed. She never expected to meet Prince Charming in the Streets of Baltimore. V Money Takes Jasmin Badd on adventure after adventure, all while winning her heart. Each page of this book you’ll get to witness V money put Jasmin’s broken heart back together.

   Do you believe it’s possible to feel 30 years of love in 30 days?

30 Years of Love In 30 Days

Customer Reviews

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I really enjoyed the book. It’s satisfying to know that love still exists. The heart breaking part was, he was tragically murdered. It makes you want to question, why was love given then taken away?! But I ❤️ the 📕

Regina McCoy

I LOVED every page of this book. From start to finish. It really gave me hope that there is someone out there for you. Don’t let the past determine your future. You can come out of that dark space on your life. It’s a MUST READ . If you love love this book is for you. Jasmin I’m so happy you got to feel this type of love. Sorry it ended so abruptly. Keep the books coming !

Tinnell B

Omggggg this was an amazing read , I read it within 2hrs I laughed and cried! I loved it from start to finish! If your a lover girl you will love itttttt! So buy it now girl!

Brittney Paschall
A must read!!!

Hi i just want to say I read your book in one day and thank you for sharing your story it was such a great read I kept my head locked in and I wish you more blessings & much success on all your business ventures you deserve it.

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